John O'Connell_Cartooning & Animation

The Cartooning Class course teaches cartooning from the ground up. Building characters with basic shapes and from the imagination. Little by little we will observe reality and add more information based on the study of anatomy, action and facial expressions. Students learn the difference between drawing from the imagination and drawing from reference. For me personally, cartooning helped me develope basic drawing skills which opened the door to better overall draftsmenship.
The Animation Class incorporates the study of movement. Animation has evolved into a complex art form since the early days of Disney. We will study the techniques of the master animators using study material passed down from one generation of animators to the next. The animation class utilizes a state of the art program called ToonBoom. This program allows student to set up shots and sequences, digitally paint their character sequences and add lip synching to drawn mouth movements.
Instructor John O'Connell is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He operates a studio in the Back Mountain doing graphic design and illustration for local and national companies such as Time Warner, Caesars Pocono Resorts and Werner Ladder Company. He has run an art program teaching and mentoring students in tradional art and computer graphics for the past 10 years, with several students going on to careers in the art field.



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