monkey ape cartoon

I've Illustrated The Two Sides of My Inner Self ..
The Inspired and the Analytical...


About myself... I'm diversified in many areas of illustration. The cartooning flows and has been my main focus, but I've done many heavy technical and product illustrations as well. I enjoy and would welcome projects in animation, and have used Flash extensively as a 2d animation tool.


concept art elephant

When asked to do this illustration, I thought it was an odd request, as well as, cool, I get to draw for a living. (I think that a lot.) I recently dreamed of elephants. Isn't it crazy when you have an explicitly symbolic dream. I'd done this illustration quite a while ago, so it wasn't fresh on my mind. On one elephant a person was sitting, others elephants standing alone, some laying on their sides. I looked it up, and the meaning was that to see someone sitting on an elephant, you had mastery over painful memories. This illustration took on new meaning for me.


My youngest son dave was an escape artist in his high chair. He had a way of taunting you when he escaped. If music was playing, he'd do a victory dance. I enhanced it only slightly in this rough animation test.





All artwork copyright John O'Connell 2009